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Four Ways to Better Filter Tweets

08 May 2023, 07:26, parser
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Most Twitter users follow less than a thousand people, but even a small number is enough to follow the stream in real time was very difficult. I had difficulties with this when there were only 50 blogs. And although some users, such as Robert Scoble, who has more than 100 thousand followers, seem to have some superhuman abilities, many of us need to filter this flow somehow.

By keywords.

One way is to filter Twitter posts by keywords. The Filttr application, which includes exactly this function, is well suited for this.

By the links.

About 19% of all tweets contain links, but if your stream is moving fast, many of them can be skipped without a filter. The MicroPlaza application is suitable for this; it helps to organize links in records.

By groups.

Another way is to divide your friends on Twitter into groups. In this way, you can divide and effectively slow down the flow of tweets, so that it is easier to follow the records of your friends, colleagues or family members. Different applications are suitable for this, for example, TweetDeck, Seesmic Desktop, Destroy Twitter and others.

By favorites.

Another interesting way is to read the entries entered by different people in the "Favorites" section. To do this, you can use Favrd or Favotter.

Twitter Better: 20 Ways to Filter Your Tweets [Josh Catone]

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