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How to clean an apartment if you have only one hour

27 Jan 2024, 12:06, parser
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Imagine: you have a long-awaited day off, you are enjoying lying on the couch and watching your favorite TV series, when suddenly your friends call you and say that they will be with you very soon. You glance around the apartment — a bunch of things on the table in the living room, dishes in the sink in the kitchen. And you planned to deal with all this only tomorrow.

Don't panic. A clear plan, agility and cleaning of each room at a time is the key to effective, and most importantly, quick order. You should start with the bedroom, and then do the bathroom, kitchen and living room. And in less than an hour, your apartment will shine with cleanliness.

Bedroom: 10 minutes

Take things apart and get rid of the garbage

Put the stale bed linen in the basket. Remove unnecessary items from the table and bedside tables to the nearest drawer — they can be disassembled and put back in their places a little later. Imagine yourself as a maid in a hotel: you need to remove unnecessary things from the surfaces so that the room looks neater. Take out the trash at the end.

Make the bed

By the way, a little advice from the maids. Instead of going around the bed from all sides, tucking the sheet under the mattress, and spending 15 minutes on it, lift each corner of the mattress with one hand and tuck the sheet under it with the other. It's much faster this way.

Wipe off the dust

Start wiping the furniture in one part of the room and continue clockwise. Walk over each surface, moving from the far corners forward, lifting things on shelves and tables. Use a dry microfiber cloth and don't be afraid to brush the dust directly onto the floor — you'll clean it up soon.

Try to make single movements, rather than rubbing a rag back and forth on the same shelf. If you have a lamp on your bedside table, first wipe it from top to bottom, and then the table itself. Use a long-handled duster to thoroughly clean mirrors, paintings, or photographs on the walls.


It's time to remove the dust. Move with the vacuum cleaner from the far corner of the bedroom to the door. Save time by vacuuming each strip of carpet only once with firm and long movements.

Bathroom: 9 minutes

Prepare the surfaces

Apply a suitable cleaning agent to the sink, shower and bathtub.

Sort out the toilet bowl

Pour the soda into the toilet bowl, thoroughly rub the inner surface with a brush and rinse. Then moisten the microfiber cloth with a little cleaner and wipe the tank, seat and other external elements.

Wipe the mirrors

Apply a glass cleaner and walk around the mirror in a circular motion, starting from the top.

Clean the sink

Start at any edge and move horizontally, wiping the sink, faucet and other parts with a paper towel or rag. For hard-to-reach places, you can use an old toothbrush.

Take time for a bath or shower

It is not necessary to do a thorough cleaning. Simply wipe the surfaces with a damp cloth and close the curtain or the cabin door.

Wash the floors

As in the bedroom, start from the far corner and move towards the door. And it is better to use a mop with a damp microfiber cloth.

Kitchen: 12 minutes

Wash the dishes

If you have a dishwasher, load dirty dishes into it and start the cycle. If it is not there, quickly process the plates, spoons and other kitchen utensils, dry them with a towel and put them away.

Take things apart

Free kitchen surfaces from unnecessary things — put them back or throw them away. The fewer items on the countertops, the neater the kitchen looks.


Any card similar to a credit card will help to remove dried, hard-to-remove stains on the stove or hob. And to get rid of traces of smudges is a hard sponge.

Wipe the surfaces

Wet a microfiber cloth with a special cleaning agent and wipe the surfaces. As in the bedroom, do not be afraid to brush the dirt directly on the floor — you will still have time to wash it. Do not forget to wipe the outside of the refrigerator, dishwasher and stove.

Wash the floors

As usual, start collecting dust and crumbs from the far corner and gradually move towards the door. After that, wet the microfiber floor cloth and wipe the floor again.

Living room: 15 minutes

Get rid of unnecessary

Run your eyes around the room and determine which things need to be cleaned. Some can be put in lockers, and some can be put in their places.

Wipe off the dust

Everything is according to the old scheme: we start from the far corner and move towards the door. If you have blinds or curtains, brush off the dust with a long-handled broom.

Return the shine to the glass surfaces

Moisten a microfiber cloth with a glass cleaner and wipe the surfaces with wide circular movements from the corners to the center.


It's the same here: move around the room from the far corner to the door. Try to vacuum each area no more than twice.

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