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Plandid is a new trend on Instagram*

29 Jan 2024, 00:03, parser
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The term plandid is a fusion of two words: planned ("planned") and candid ("sincere").

Such photos look like random successful shots, but in fact they are, of course, staged. A languid look into the distance, hair fluttering in the wind, a caught moment of laughter — all these are the components of a typical plandid.

The more, the better

You will need a friend as a personal photographer and free memory on your smartphone. Take a whole series of pictures, taking different poses, dancing, throwing back your hair and so on. You need to look as casual as possible. Then choose the one from the many photos.

Laughing for no reason

Imagine yourself as a young Hollywood star basking in camera flashes. Be brave, be happy — and laugh. But remember the fine line between the perfect Instagram* smile and the weird contorted face.

Photos taken with love

You will be standing in front of the camera, but no less depends on who will take the pictures. Perhaps your best friend is not the most successful photographer and will not be able to capture a good angle for you.

Pay attention to who takes pictures in which you don't look good: they use a flash that makes your eyes and cheeks shine strangely, or choose a shooting angle that shows your figure unfavorably. Take with you to the photo shoot only those who know how to make a good shot.

Million Dollar Dress

Your face may be the most attractive on Instagram*, but what difference does it make if you're wearing things from last year's collection? A photo is the perfect excuse to put on the very outfit that you spent too much money on and that you urgently need to show everyone. It will help you collect the cherished likes and comments.

Filters are your best friends

Photo editing apps were created specifically to make an ordinary photo a work of art. There is nothing wrong with using filters if they really emphasize your advantages and the quality of the image. Everyone does it.

Now you know everything and you can safely post photos with the hashtag #plandid.
Facebook Instagramming is prohibited in the territory of the Russian Federation.*The activities of Meta Platforms Inc. and its social networks Facebook and Instagram are prohibited in the territory of the Russian Federation.

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