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Hardening: How I suffered to improve my health

03 May 2023, 06:49, parser
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Hardening not only strengthens the immune system and reduces the risk of colds and viral diseases, but also gives strength, fights stress, fatigue and apathy — well, according to its adherents. Cold treatments also affect the condition of the skin: they make it elastic, stress-resistant and get rid of cellulite.

You can harden up if you do not have colds, heart and vascular diseases.

You need to start preparing in the summer. All procedures should be regular (every day) and go incrementally. Do not think that you immediately need to run naked into the street, jump into a snowdrift or pour a bucket of cold water on yourself. No, it all starts at home. That's what we tried on ourselves.

Walking around the house barefoot

It is recommended to start with 10-15 minutes of walking on a cold floor. If you have a carpet at home, then you don't need to walk barefoot on it — roll it up. There is such a moment here: the bottom is bare, and it is better to insulate the top so as not to get sick.

Washing with cold water

Start with warm water and gradually lower the degree. Washing with ice water is contraindicated for people with dry skin.

Air baths

Open the windows or go out to the balcony. You should start with 5-10 minutes. Choose light clothes.

Wiping with a cold towel

First, wet a towel with warm water and rub the whole body. Gradually reduce its temperature.

Contrast shower

This method of hardening is one of the most radical. The main rule is to switch the water quickly, without tightening. Alternate hot, warm, and cold water. Start like this: 30 seconds of hot water, 10 seconds of warm water, 5 seconds of cold water. When the body gets used to it, remove the warm water. Increase the time as you get used to it.

Wiping with snow

Wiping off with snow is worth 3-4 times a week. Wiping is contraindicated for people suffering from skin diseases. The snow should be loose so as not to scratch the skin. Before the procedure, do a little exercise to warm up the body. If the feet or body began to freeze, the procedure must be completed.

Walking in the snow

Bare feet. Start with 10-15 seconds. If you feel very uncomfortable, stop.

Bathing in cold water

A way for people who have been hardening for years. The main rule: if you catch a cold in the process, do not continue in any case. Get cured first, and then start from the beginning.

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