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5 exercises to achieve a dream

28 Jan 2024, 00:00, parser
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1. Make imaginary friends

If you are still only lying in the direction of your dreams, you will not be hindered by allies. Those who will never criticize you or put pressure on your conscience, but will definitely tell you something useful in a difficult situation.

Don't know where to get allies right now? Come up with them! Like American Indians summoning spirits.

Who would you like to see on your side? Aristotle, Beyonce, Harry Potter? Let them be heroes of books and movies, real and fictional characters, childhood friends or your dog.

Figure out who and where will be sitting in your home or office. Every time you doubt your abilities, imagine what each of them would say to you. Learn to accept advice and help, and record the encouraging remarks of your allies. All this will help in finding real allies in the future.

2. Sort out your feelings

One of the problems of the modern world is that we hide our feelings. Not only from others, but also from ourselves. We consider it unacceptable to be angry at your child or jealous of your best friend. But it's difficult to achieve the goal until you figure yourself out. Therefore, learn to listen to the inner voice, and stop shutting people off with the words "everything is fine."

There is fear, happiness, anger and a million of their derivatives. And all people experience these feelings.

You can remain a good person and feel envy and anger. It is ok. But to forbid yourself this is the opposite.

Make a list of the emotions that you have experienced in your life. And now, every day, put a check mark next to the emotion you are experiencing. After some time, analyze your "diary of feelings": he will tell you a lot about you. Don't you worry too much? Is there no playful mood at all? Then you need to understand where it came from and get rid of the negativity.

3. Make a T-shirt for a loser

Instead of complaining that something is not working out, allow yourself to be brash and rude. Come up with a series of T-shirts for losers. What kind of growl phrases would appear on them? For example, such:

  • Please do not hug!
  • I want to be a favorite too!
  • Why do they mess up, but I'm always the last one?
  • I'm actually tall!
  • What do I owe you there to deserve?!
  • I need an apartment!
  • Don't feed me!
  • Yes, I feel good! Is it annoying?

Let your imagination run wild, it's always nice to take your soul away.

4. Stop sorting out the trash

The house is a mess, and do you feel guilty about it? Come on, you'll never win over chaos. The disorder in the house is not formed by chance — this is how our subconscious mind acts when it tries to hint at something. This is your way of solving a problem. Junk creates the feeling that you have a lot of important things to do, but you don't get around to them.

Imagine that you will bring perfect cleanliness, will you be able to live on the catalog page of a furniture store? No.

You can't leave trash: clutter disrupts peace of mind, and a dream needs more space.

Learn to distinguish the really important elements of your life from the far-fetched ones. This does not require a general cleaning, start with your desk. Remove all important documents from it to a safe place, sort out old magazines, throw out the trash, take the mug to the kitchen.

Promise yourself to throw away 10 items every month or clean up for 10 minutes a day. Soon you will feel that your home has become brighter and more spacious, and you will have more free time. And stop feeling guilty: We are not born to clean up the trash.

5. Write a press release

Write three imaginary press releases and dedicate them to yourself. The first one should be absolutely fantastic. For example, how you bought a yacht for 200 thousand euros and went to your own island in the Mediterranean Sea.

Dedicate the second release to your life in three months. If today is July 7th, then date the press release on October 7th. The event you write about should be more plausible. For example, describe how you went on vacation, swim in the sea and advise you to visit some restaurant in a cozy neighborhood.

The third press release should be about you in two years. Write about the most wonderful event you can imagine. Let's say you bought a house in Spain and are preparing to move.

It seems that this has nothing to do with the real fulfillment of a dream? You're wrong. This is your dress rehearsal.

Do not deny yourself dreams. Now you have at least five exercises leading to the goal.

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