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7 Simple Habits that will Help Keep the House in Order

27 Jan 2024, 00:00, parser
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1. Don't go empty-handed

If you are going from one room to another, look around and check if there is anything nearby that you can take with you. Let's say that when there is an empty cup on the coffee table, grab it on the way to the kitchen, and take the T-shirt that needs washing to the bathroom (or another room where there is a laundry basket). This way you will put things in order almost imperceptibly for yourself.

The meaning of the habit is in its speed and low labor costs. There is no need to collect an armful of things that still need to be put in different cabinets and shelves. This will take a lot of time and prevent you from quickly starting the task for which you are going to another room. Collecting extra items will become stressful, which means it will be more difficult to instill a habit. Therefore, the main rule is to manage in three steps: take it, reach the end point and put the thing back in place.

2. Start the day with cleaning

Devote 15 minutes after waking up to household chores. During this time, you can, for example, make the bed, put the closet in order, or wash the dishes. In the process, you will also stretch your muscles — you will get an impromptu exercise.

Such a mini‑cleaning can Can Making the Bed in the Morning Make You Happier? / Best Mattress Brand have a positive effect on productivity during the day. After completing a simple task in the morning, you will feel a surge of strength and confidence that you will cope with any challenges at work.

3. Clean up excess before going to bed

It is also enough to allocate 15 minutes for this. This habit will have a positive effect not only on the cleanliness of the apartment. For example, if you wipe the dust on the shelves in the bedroom and freshen the floor, it will become easier to breathe, and the quality of sleep will increase Can a Clean Room Help You Sleep? / Our Sleep Guide . And waking up in a room where things are neatly arranged in their places is more pleasant than being surrounded by a mess.

Disorder can increase the level of anxiety right in the morning: the gaze will focus on objects that are not where they should be. And the very idea that they need to be removed can spoil the mood.

4. Always put things in their places

An obvious, but no less useful habit. If you put clothes in the closet right away, a book on the shelf, and a dirty plate in the sink or dishwasher, then all this will not need to be collected around the apartment. This means that cleaning according to the schedule will take less time, and it will be easier to find the right things. For small things like wires and chargers, which are often lying around, you can select a box or basket so that they have a permanent home.

5. Parse mail immediately

Bills, newspapers, and advertisements from the mailbox are better sorted as soon as they get into the apartment. Otherwise, there is a risk that a huge mountain will gather on a shelf in the hallway or on the desktop, which by its very presence will create a feeling of chaos.

If you do not always manage to deal with mail immediately and send papers to the trash, you can start an organizer and distribute correspondence into compartments, separating receipts and newspapers from paper spam. This way everything will look neat, and if necessary, it will be easy to find, for example, a fresh electricity bill.

6. Clean up popular places more often

The "80/20" rule will help here. clean 20% of the apartment The 80/20 home decluttering rule – the century‑old theory that will change how you tidy / Homes ad Gardens several times a week, and 80% on weekends. The first category should include places that you use especially often, such as the dining table area or the bathroom.

The secret is that these areas of the apartment come across the eye several times a day. If they are dirty, then the rest of the space seems to be untidy, and if they are clean, on the contrary. It is also important to wipe switches and door handles regularly. They get dirty quickly and can spoil the impression even of a room with perfect order.

7. Praise yourself for cleaning

You should thank yourself even for small actions like washing dishes. Such a habit can also affect life in general — it will help The Importance of Self Appreciation / Utah State University Extension strengthen self-confidence and increase self-esteem. You have been working all day, you are very tired, but you have gathered and found time for household chores — this is a serious reason for pride.

You can come up with a small reward for yourself — for example, for regularly putting things in their places or cleaning the bedroom in the evenings for a week or a month. With this attitude, the motivation will be stronger not to give up and stick to other "clean" habits.

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