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What to cook from what's left after the feast

15 Jan 2024, 00:01, parser
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Ham rolls with cheese and pineapples

If there are canned fruits and some cheese left after salads, be sure to try this snack.

Photo: Elenglush / Shutterstock

Grate the hard cheese. Finely chop a few pieces of canned pineapple. Mix with chopped herbs and mayonnaise.

Put the filling on the ham slices and roll them into rolls.

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Korean sausage and carrot canapes

Dry the "last year's" bread, wrap the spicy carrots in the already sliced sausage and add fresh vegetables.

Photo: elena.hramova / Depositphotos

Cut the slices of bread. Brown in a frying pan with oil. Rub with a clove of garlic. Place the cucumber slices on top.

Wrap some carrots in smoked sausage in Korean style and fasten with a skewer. Stick it in the bread and cucumber.

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Layered salad with cod liver

Is there an unopened tin of canned food left? Add some eggs and bell pepper and you will get a simple but beautiful dish.

Photo: Nata_Aster / Shutterstock

Grate 4 boiled whites and yolks each. Cut the pepper into small cubes, onion into quarters of rings.

Lay out in layers cod liver, onion, pepper, proteins, chopped dill. Add mayonnaise after each ingredient. Sprinkle with the yolks.

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Snack on chips with caviar

Cooked "Sunflower" and there are some chips in the kitchen? Here's an interesting way to use them.

Photo: from my point of view / Shutterstock

Beat a little butter or cream cheese with a mixer. Put it on the chips. Add a little red caviar and dill.

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Salad with pineapple, grapes and cheese

Turn the leftover fruit plate into an original salad.

Photo: Arieh / Shutterstock

Cut the grapes in half. Grate hard or melted cheese. Chop some garlic.

Add the pineapple slices, black pepper and mayonnaise, and mix.

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Tangerines in chocolate

Even if the fruits have already been peeled, there is a way to "revive" them and turn them into a beautiful dessert.

Photo: iuliia_n / Shutterstock

Melt the bitter chocolate. Dip the slices of tangerines into it until the middle.

Sprinkle with chopped nuts or coconut shavings and leave to harden.

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Cucumber rolls with sausage

A great way to use sliced sausage and cheese.

Photo: Pixel‑Shot / Shutterstock

Cut a long cucumber into thin ribbons. Put slices of smoked sausage and cheese on each one.

Roll it into rolls. Secure with skewers or tie with green onion feathers.

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Salad with smoked chicken, eggs and kiwi

An interesting combination of flavors is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent.

Photo: laran2 / Depositphotos

Chop the smoked chicken, a couple of boiled proteins and kiwi. Mix it with mayonnaise.

When serving, sprinkle with grated yolks and, if desired, pomegranate seeds.

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Hot tartlets with cheese and sausage

They taste like pizza, but they are, of course, much easier to prepare.

Photo: Irina_Kovynyova / Depositphotos

Cut the sausage and tomatoes into pieces. Coarsely grate the cheese. Mix everything with ketchup, salt and pepper.

Arrange the filling on the tartlets. Place in the oven, preheated to 200 ° C, for 10-15 minutes.

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Sandwiches with herring, apple and cheese

An interesting combination that may well become a classic soon.

Photo: from my point of view / Shutterstock

Dry the black bread, brush with cream cheese. Put an apple plate, a couple of pieces of fish, purple onions and herbs on each base.

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Salad with smoked sausage, Korean carrots and tomatoes

Combine the vegetable and meat slices and add some fragrant carrots. In a matter of minutes, the delicious salad is ready.

Photo: PantherMediaSeller / Depositphotos

Cut fresh cucumbers, tomatoes and smoked sausage into cubes.

Add the Korean carrots, chopped dill and mayonnaise, and mix.

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Prunes stuffed with walnuts

If there are dried fruits left after cooking salad with prunes, make this simple dessert with sweet sour cream.

Photo: Julie208 / Shutterstock

Soak the prunes in hot water for half an hour. Then stuff the dried fruits with walnuts.

Whisk a glass of sour cream with sugar. Put the prunes in the creamers and pour the cream over them.

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Salad with crab sticks and tomatoes

A juicy and flavorful dish that will be ready in a few minutes.

Photo: A. Zhuravleva / Shutterstock

Finely chop the crab sticks and tomatoes. Pre-remove the seeds from the latter.

Grate the cheese, chop the garlic. Mix everything and season with mayonnaise.

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Sandwiches with red fish and tangerines

An amazing combination of juicy fruits, tender cheese and salted fish.

Photo: La_vanda / Depositphotos

Brush the bread with cream cheese. Put the red fish on top and a circle of tangerine. You can sprinkle with pepper and garnish with herbs.

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Tomato and cheese appetizer

Don't let the sliced tomatoes disappear by simply making a delicious cheese cap on them.

Photo: elena.hramova / Depositphotos

Mix grated cheese, minced garlic, salt, pepper and mayonnaise.

Put it on the vegetables, garnish with herbs.

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